I immigrated from the Czech Republic 16 years ago and became a U.S. citizen, we are licensed and insured and I decided to start my own cleaning service because I have always been a meticulous cleaner and actually like to clean!  From an early age I was taught by my mother to clean the European way, on your hands and knees.  There is nothing better than to come home to a sparkling home! I have found that I get tremendous satisfaction in transforming a home or business so that it shines and really smells good!  We take pride in the details and good old fashioned elbow grease we put into my cleaning and feel so rewarded when we can make our clients truly happy and worry-free.  


Our job is to take away the cleaning burden of the busy homeowner or business owner and provide results that they can count on each and every time.  We have been established in 2008. We have in business for several years with many long term clients. We take pride in all we do. Call us today, you will be glad you did.


Blanka Hrabe, Owner 


My mother as a 6 year-old ladybug (Berushka).  The company has been named in her honor. 


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