BULL RUN OBSERVER November 28, 2008


Have your cleaning maid to order this holiday with some local assistance

Berushka Cleaning, owned by Blanka Hrabe of Gainesville, offers a hint of European-style cleaning.  Originally from the Czech Republic, Prochazkova came to the United States 16 years ago with only a suitcase, $300 and a solid-rock work ethic.  She opened her own business because of their first-hand knowledge of her thoroughness and determination to work hard.


"I clean the European way; it's a different type of cleaning.  I'm on my knees scrubbing the floor, instead of using a mop, to really do a good job.  Since I was 12, I was raised the old-fashioned way to clean," Hrabe said.


Berushka, which means ladybug, is named in honor of Hrabe's mother who died in 2008.  Hrabe spoke of her stable client base and likes to build a strong trust level with customers.  "I have very satisfied clients and know them on a personal level.  I clean as if it were my own house," she added.


Hrabe offers free consultations and simplifies the entire process by bringing her own equipment and cleaning supplies after learning of any allergies customers may have with certain cleaning brands.  She does not charge extra for the first cleaning and added that Berushka Cleaning cleans windows.  "If I see something dirty, I clean it!" she said.


Most of Hrabe's business comes through referrals from satisfied customers who notice the difference with her European-style of cleaning.  She offers references for people who want to talk with existing clients.  "My goal is to work hard and build something for my son who would be able to say, 'My mom came to this country and built something from nothing,' Hrabe shared.


She also wants to have a cleaning team, driving Volkswagen bugs, to mimic her ladybug theme.  She hopes to have a swarm of these bugs driving around western Prince William County to serve her customers.  Berushka Cleaning can be reached at 703-789-4059.


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