I have known Blanka Dildy for almost two years.  I know Blanka as someone who helps me maintain our home and does her job well.  She is efficient, personable and goes beyond what is required.  She is honest and can be trusted.  She is level headed and thinks things through.


I recommend Blanka with total confidence in her ability.


- Patricia

My name is Mark, I am writing this letter or reference for Blanka Dildy.  She has been cleaning my home for over a year and I have to say she is very professional at her job.  She takes pride in how my home looks and is always on time.  I can honestly say you will be happy with Blanka's work and fair price.  I do not trust many people in my home, but I do feel comfortable with Blanka.


- Mark

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about the qualifications and professional reputation of Berushka Cleaning service by Blanka Prochazkova.  Blanka is a single mother who immigrated to this country at the tender age of 21 from her hometown in Prague, Czech Republic.  She established her cleaning business in 2006 by sheer hard work and determination, while learning and mastering the English language, and setting an impressive track record along the way.


Blanka is a strong, independent woman who truly loves and believes in what she does.  She takes tremendous pride in providing a different kind of cleaning service, as she specifically tailors each and every cleaning to the exact needs of every home and to the preferences of each homeowner.  Blanka strictly works alone, provides her own cleaning products, and brings her own, top of the line tools, to get the job done the way you like it.  She does not hesitate to make adjustments or to focus on the details of a particular area that needs special attention during each actual cleaning.  Blanka is willing to accommodate each homeowner's request with a gracious attitude and diligent timeliness, as she takes pride in keeping her commitments and appointments with her strict Eastern European punctuality.


Blanka is hardworking, reliable and trustworthy and eagerly requests feedback as she strives to grow her business soley by her referrals and her proven track record.


I assure you, Blanka will provide the very best cleaning service for your home and I sincerely hope you will consider enlisting her professional services to keep your home the way you have always wanted.


- Diane


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